One Year Later: Conservatives Reverse On Most Positions

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Well, I’m writing to you from my vacation in not-so-sunny Seaside, Florida…so you’ll pardon me if I keep this short and sweet.

Jon Stewart recently did a segment on The Daily Show, where he joked that Fox News and, by extension, conservatives…are the NEW liberals.  Enjoy:

While Stewart is clearly joking, the point he makes is quite serious and worthy of a moment’s reflection.  Here’s a glance at what has changed in the arguments we hear from the conservative camp since the election:

BEFORE THE ELECTION:  People and grassroots organizations peacefully protesting the war and other actions of the administration…are unpatriotic, perhaps even traitorous, and are “hurting America.”

NOW: People and faux-grassroots organizations, protesting using violent and often racist imagery (some even carrying weapons)…are patriots exercising their Constitutional rights in an inspiring display of democracy in action.

BEFORE THE ELECTION:  People who criticize the President during wartime…are unpatriotic, and are hurting our soldiers by helping the terrorists.  U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

NOW:  People who criticize the President (still during wartime, mind you), are patriots who value our soldiers and are helping our country.

BEFORE THE ELECTION:  Bush and his Congress need to act quickly to bail out the financial system before we have a total collapse!

NOW:  Why did Obama and his Congress bail out the banks without any strings attached?  Just more Democrat-led fiscal irresponsibility!

BEFORE THE ELECTION:  Bigger, costlier government…great!  As long as they tell us it is “making America safer!

NOW:  Bigger, costlier government, no matter who it is going to help…even if it helps EVERYBODY in the country…is SOCIALISM and must be stopped!

BEFORE THE ELECTION:  Fiscal responsibility:  what is that?

NOW:  These Democrats are fiscally irresponsible and it’s going to destroy the economy!

BEFORE THE ELECTION:  It’s ok to bend, even break our constitutionally protected freedoms and guarantees of due process of law…it’s even acceptable for the government to break the law…as long as it is making us safer.

NOW:  We’re losing all of our freedoms!  This administration wants to take away our Constitutional rights!  NOTE:  Ironically, they can’t point out a single freedom they’ve lost under Obama.

BEFORE THE ELECTION:  So what if they’re collecting phone records, reading emails, and wiretapping domestic conversations…I’m sure they’re keeping us safer.

NOW:  Obama is going to collect our data through the census…and is compiling an “enemies list” by asking people to send in myths they hear about health care reform.  He must be stopped!

BEFORE THE ELECTION:  Those liberals…why are they always whining and trying to play the victim?

NOW: All the liberal media is ganging up on us, and they don’t want to let us say what we want to…and they are always pointing out all these facts that make us look bad!


BEFORE THE ELECTION:  The government can be trusted to tell us the truth and to handle things properly.

NOW:  The government always lies and can’t do anything right.

Jon Stewart is right to shed some light on this obvious, pervasive hypocrisy…and it would be oh-so-much funnier, if the level of the conservatives’ convenient self-deception weren’t so extreme, so profound, so widely unacknowledged.