Mystery Solved: Why Some Want To See A President Sarah Palin

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Before you say it, I KNOW, I KNOW…we covered the latest Sarah Palin “media surge” just this past Friday, and at length (it was titled “A Fresh, New Look At A Woman Named Sarah Palin”).

The problem is…the question still lingers in search of an answer: “How is it possible that people still view Sarah Palin as a desirable candidate for the office of the President of the United States?

There have been many conservative and Republican candidates that I have respected, some quite completely.  I may not agree on all issues or policies…but AGREEMENT is not a required condition for  RESPECT to exist.  The nagging problem with Sarah is this: I have no doubt (none-zero-zip-zilch) that if a Democratic Party candidate came along, with personal charm, and with policy experience equal to Sarah’s…a leadership track record the same as Sarah’s…a history of questionable ethics questions same as Sarah’s…who performed as poorly and displayed the same lake of preparation and sense as Sarah has in interviews…who, like Sarah, quit his/her elected position halfway through their term to do book releases and speaking engagements…and who has been caught in as many ridiculous/unnecessary/nonsensical lies (many now IN PRINT) as Sarah has…

…conservatives would be laughing OUT LOUD at any liberals who supported such a person.  Again, I have no doubt of this.

So…WHY?  Well, we may now have an answer.  New Left Media sent someone to interview people at a signing for Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, that took place in Columbus, Ohio.  The young man did exactly what he should…he didn’t “ambush” anyone…he interviewed a large number of people…he interviewed people from a lot of different demographics…he didn’t ask leading questions.  He simply asked people why they support Sarah Palin, and what policies of hers appeal to them, and why.

Their answers…are revealing:

That’s right.  A lot of people said they thought Sarah Palin was very “real“…or somehow patriotic…or “honest“…or that she somehow embodies “good judgment” (no idea how a person could justify that particular claim).  What they can’t say, is where she stands on any particular issues or policies.  Not one.  And no, “cutting taxes and spending,” is not a policy statement…it’s a knee-jerk talking point that generally reflects that the person who uttered it knows little about taxes, about what the government spends money on, or about the history of politicians, taxes, OR spending.  A few people tried to parrot things they’d obviously heard from Fox News/Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity/Bill O’Reilly/Rush Limbaugh…like the one woman very upset about “czars“…but when asked to actually EXPLAIN the talking point or complaint in question…they can’t.  Obviously, whether we are talking about Sarah Palin, or the things these people have heard from conservative media or the church pulpit…these are not people who care about UNDERSTANDING things.  They like Sarah…so she should be President.  Policies and issues, and even her own track record, be damned.  Glenn Beck says the “czars” are a problem?  Well that’s good enough for these people…they don’t need to know what a “czar” is, or why they might be a problem.  Sarah says she’s going to “cut taxes and reduce spending?“  That sounds great to them!  They don’t need to understand which taxes she’ll cut, or which programs will no longer get funded…cut them all!  Maybe she’ll do what she did in Alaska:  cut taxes to be popular with the voters, then fund giant, wasteful projects by taking out huge loans…and then she’ll give the jobs to contractors who supported her campaign.  That way, she’s popular with the people, her friends get paid, and the bill comes due when somebody else is in office…marvelous!

Now…I get it. They don’t care.  Again, it’s as simple as “they like her“…and what she says “sounds good” to them.  Because they don’t really have any knowledge of how things work…and because they don’t care to ever have any such knowledge, their “requirements” for who should be President are JUST…THAT…SHALLOW.  If you ask me, it’s literally terrifying.  These people are also driving cars, voting, owning guns, and making babies…who they will then attempt to rear to be as vapid and uninformed as they are (which is likely, since statistically a child’s IQ is usually near the average of its parents).  Welcome to the idiocracy.

More Sarah Tidbits:

  • Well, At Least ONE Time She Showed Good Judgment: A McCain campaign advisor has revealed that Sarah decided at the very last minute that she and McCain should cancel an interview with Univision.  The reason: Sarah suddenly realized…that she didn’t know anything about Hispanic people or their issues of interest.  Her campaign advisor has responded, by criticizing the McCain advisor for dredging up last year’s news: “Nobody’s sitting around talking about the 2008 campaign except for the people who lost it.“  Perhaps her advisor has not read her new book…which focuses heavily on the 2008 campaign.  Now…if only Palin had shown the same good judgment she showed with Univision when it came to Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson…
  • Closing The Barn Door AFTER The Horses Are Out: Sarah says now that she refuses to do a second interview with Katie Couric…or on the “Late Show“…or anywhere else on CBS.  She told this to Fox New’s Sean Hannity…perhaps the one person who can interview her and ask soft enough questions to prevent her from coming off as totally ridiculous.
  • Speaking of the Palin/Fox News Love Story: Well, it’s become a regular thing at Fox…showing a picture of clip, claiming it is from a current event, only to have it discovered that the picture/clip is from a much older (and better attended) event.  In an effort to make it appear that massive throngs were turning out for Sarah’s book signing…Fox News showed a clip of her delivering a speech on the campaign trail. It’s not news…it’s Fox News:

  • Palin/Fox News Love Story, Take 2: One clip that we KNOW Fox News won’t be showing, is this one of angry people booing Palin at one of her book signings.  Apparently, a thousand people bought two copies of the book and were given wristbands guaranteeing that they would have their book signed…then they stood in the cold and rain in Noblesville, Indiana, patiently waiting.  With dozens of people still waiting, and for no apparent reason, Sarah got back on the bus and drove off.  Several disappointed people commented that they could no longer support Palin…and were returning the books.  Nice move…very mavericky, Sarah:

  • The Media…Always Picking On Our Sweet Sarah: Matt Taibbi takes an excellent look at the claims that Sarah Palin is the victim of some “media conspiracy,” or that the media has, in some way, been harder on her than it is on other politicians.  I can sum it up the reason it’s nonsense in two words: Monica Lewinski. Taibbi’s look at the subject is considerably more involved but one of the main points he makes is this:  Obama’s people played nice with the press…and the press treated them nice.  Historically speaking, when a politician takes the “the press sucks, and they’re out to get me” strategy…that’s who the press goes after the hardest.  File that little fact under “D” for “Duh.”
  • Just For Fun: SNL got our it’s satirical crystal ball…and tried to capture what would happen if Palin won the 2012 Presidential Race…I think their estimates are a bit conservative (no pun intended):