Chaos Theory Edition: GOP Infidelity Trifecta, Senator Graham’s Interest In Crack Cocaine, and “Birthers”

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It’s long overdue – time for another installment of Chaos Theory: my attempt to empty out my bookmarks folder by briefly addressing all of the items of interest that I have accumulated over the week, but did not have the chance to address in other posts.

Without further ado


  • In “News That Should Surprise Nobody:“  Sarah Palin’s reasons for leaving the Governor’s office early…don’t stand up to much scrutiny.  Aside from her perpetual grousing over “media unfairness,” the primary reason that Palin gave for resigning involved the ethics charges against her, the time it was taking her to address those charges, and the money it was costing the Alaska taxpayers.  Do you know the actual, additional dollar amount it was costing those taxpayers?  Zero.  Alaska, like all states, has its own legal department and its own attorneys on permanent staff…those attorneys get paid every year even if there aren’t ANY ethics charges against the governor.  True, if they weren’t having to spend so much of their time getting Sarah out of jams, they could focus on other things…but the budgetary bottom line stays the same.
  • Oh, and all that time she was having to spend defending herself…that was cutting into her regular duties to the extent that it was “paralyzing?“  Well, it couldn’t have been THAT much time…there are only three outstanding charges out of the EIGHTEEN that have been filed against Palin while she has been governor.  According to the Anchorage Daily News, they are as follows:  “Jan. 26: Two complaints filed by McLeod alleged two of Palin’s top aides misused their official positions for Palin’s personal and political gain. The complaints said then-press secretary Bill McAllister and Kris Perry — director of the governor’s Anchorage office — worked on state time to benefit Palin’s interests during and after her vice presidential quest.  April 27: Contends Palin is misusing the governor’s office for personal gain by securing unwarranted benefits and receiving improper gifts through the Alaska Fund Trust. The fund was recently established by supporters to help Palin pay off more than $500,000 in legal debts stemming from other ethics complaints, including troopergate. Complaint filed by Eagle River resident, Kim Chatman.
  • Ooops…spoke too soon.  There’s a new complaint.  The new complaint alleges that Palin still received her salary and utilized resources from her office towards the purpose of campaigning for Vice-President.  Jack Coghill, an Alaska Republican and an author of the state’s constitution, responded to the new charges by voicing his assertion that the constitution required that Palin officially place the lieutenant governor in charge while she was out of the state.
  • Liberal activist group, MoveOn, has found a way to capitalize on Palin’s move…their fundraising drive focused on Palin’s “lies” netted them $100,000 in just 24 hours.  This begs the question:  besides the fact that Palin does not have the popular support for a Presidential run…shouldn’t Republicans also be concerned that even ATTEMPTING to rally around her would likely cause massive campaign fundraising success FOR THE DEMOCRATS?
  • Just for fun:  Here’s the Daily Show’s treatment of the Palin resignation (I just love Samantha Bee)…


  • Under “What is with these guys?:” I’ve proposed earlier that the real issue with Governor Mark Sanford is NOT that he had an affair…it’s that he abandoned his post.  The release of emails during the relevant period brings this idea front and center; people were really trying to contact the governor…but he was completely AWOL.  But now…I’m starting to look at the “affair” issue.  Bear with me:  First there was Sanford, then there was the news of Senator Ensign’s affair (who also, interestingly, has now been tied to what some are calling a “do-it-yourself-exorcism” movement…okaaaay)…and now, we are hearing about the affair of Representative Chip Pickering.  Why is this interesting, beyond the sordid details and the fact that they are all Republicans?  It’s because they are all affiliated with the same C Street building…they all lived there at one point…it is the “HQ” of a Christian group called “The Family” that has described itself in the past as being a sort of “Christian Mafia“…and there are some claims that seem to indicate that some of the “indiscretions” actually occurred INSIDE the C Street building. A group named Youth With a Mission actually owns the C Street building…here’s their “plan” for Christian world control:

  • Senator Russ Feingold has written to Attorney General Holder, asking him to investigate Bush-era CIA practices.  My reaction: if not now…what would it take?  Seriously…let’s examine the claims we have so far:  torture (both within and outside the bounds of the DOJ memos), warrantless domestic wiretapping (both within and outside the approved bounds), failure to inform Congress (read the law…it says Congress shall be informed of ALL activities, even planned activities, even minor activities), rogue assassination squads, extraordinary rendition.  I’ll leave it at this: if Holder doesn’t investigate when faced with THIS LEVEL of potentially criminal, treaty-violating, unconstitutional activity…then he IS NO Attorney General and we HAVE NO Justice Department.
  • Representative Michele Bachmann believes the census asks too much personal information.  She has even gone so far as to suggest that people should refuse to take the census.  Even her GOP colleagues were quick to point out that what she was asking people to do…IS AGAINST THE LAW.  Even FOX’s Glenn Beck found her stance a bit confusing (of course, adding to a very long list of things that confuse Glenn Beck). Others pointed out that failure of Bachmann’s constituents to fill out the census would likely cause a redistricting…that would ELIMINATE HER SEAT IN THE HOUSE.  Bachmann…not one to be burdened by the laws and logic of our world, is pressing ahead with her anti-census campaign.
  • Catherine Crabill, the Republican Party’s nominee for Virginia’s 99th District in the House of Delegates chose a recent Tea Party event to voice her suggestion that the “war against taxes” might be fought with conventional weapons: “We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box.  That’s the beauty of our Second Amendment rights…Our Second Amendment rights were to guard against tyranny.“  Since Crabill seems interested in the Constitution and the laws of our country, I would like to suggest that she research another concept: treason, and/or fomenting armed insurrection.  You see…there are certain things that don’t fall under the protections of Free Speech.  You are NOT allowed to shout “fire” in a crowded movie theater…you are NOT allowed to threaten the president…and you ARE NOT ALLOWED to call for the violet overthrow of the government.  Ms. Crabhill…it is a crime for which you may be prosecuted.  A serious one.
  • Just yesterday, I wrote on the topic of the new Health Care bill.  One of the points I made was that we are not looking at the final bill…revisions will be made.  Well, as expected, revisions ARE INDEED being made…revisions that the Republicans want…and also as expect, just like during the Stimulus bill debate, the Republicans are saying that they are being given NO INPUT WHATSOEVERThat’s funny…out of 788 amendments filed, 67 came from Democrats, 721 came from Republicans…and of the Republican amendments, 161 have been approved.  Right…no input at all.  Here are the details.


  • Senator Jeff Sessions had to squeeze in just one more embarrassing comment before the Confirmation Hearings for Sotomayor closed.  To Wade Henderson, the president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: “Mr. Henderson, It’s good to work with you. Senator Leahy and I are talking during these hearings, we’re going to do that crack cocaine thing that you and I have talked about before.“  Huh?
  • Not to be outdone by Sessions, Senator Lindsey Graham managed to make several sets of ridiculous remarks.  First, instead of adhering to the LAW when dealing with detainees in the “War on Terror,” he suggested that he’d like to suggest that some “deserve to stay in jail until they die“…regardless of the actual crime the committed, but due instead to the “nature” of the conflict.  Then, he admitted that he would have lacked the courage to support school desegregation if he had been in office back in 1955.  AND lastly…he added that Sotomayor: “said some things that just bug the hell out of me.
  • Jon Stewart of The Daily Show thought Senator Graham’s comments were worth a mention:

  • David Arquette paid a visit to Fox and Friends and made some comments guaranteed to garner him another invitation.  Discussing Sotomayor, he said: “I think Latina women are, I mean, it depends on the woman, but I think they are very, they have great judgment, but there are some that are just nuts. I’m just saying.
  • Filed under “Things That Disgust Me:”  I won’t say much about this clip, except that it features Pat Buchanan as a guest on the Rachel Maddow Show, discussing Sotomayor and Affirmative Action.  If Buchanan did not expose himself as an unqualified racist during his bid for the presidency…he did in this interview.  When asked why 108 of 110 Supreme Court Justices have been white, and 108 of 110 have been men…Buchanan asserts that all the founding fathers, most of the soldiers at D-Day, and most of the soldiers at Gettysburg were white men…and so maybe most of the people on the Supreme Court should be, too.  It’s disgusting, unmitigated racism:


  • If you’ve been paying ANY attention, you’ve heard that California is on the edge of complete financial collapse.  Obama has rejected most of their cries for help…and major banks are refusing to accept their “IOU’s.”  I’ve said it before, and I’m certain I’ll say it again:  Why are the President and other dismissing the idea of legalizing marijuana so cavalierly?  It’s already the number one cash crop in the state…but the state economy benefits little.  Imagine the possible tax revenues…imagine the business opportunities…imagine the money that would be saved in law enforcement…imagine all the money saved in the Corrections system (no longer having to jail people for years for minor marijuana offenses).  Apparently…I’m not alone in thinking this way.
  • Have you heard about this guy: U.S. Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook argued that he doesn’t accept Obama as president…because of the whole, well-debunked “birth certificate” nonsense…so he says he shouldn’t have to deploy to Afghanistan.  The Army responded:  because Cook was a reservist who VOLUNTEERED to go back on active duty (but hadn’t started active duty yet)…he can be UNVOLUNTEERED, which is exactly what they did.  It’s a bit like if I went and interviewed to work for a company, and then the day before I started work I called them and said “You know what…I really don’t want to work for you, and you can’t make me.“  Their response would be the same as the Army’s: “Fine…don’t show up.”  Apparently, these fringe conspiracy theorists have come to be known as “birthers” and, of course, FOX News is doing all it can to support their fact-free-fanaticism…and some GOP members in Congress would like to help them, too.  They may be nuts (if you don’t know why…here’s a resource)…but they vote Republican.

With that out of the way…we’ll start fresh on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend